I am the co-founder and CTO of Weave and a winter 2014 Y-combinator alumni.


  • I love my wife
  • I love my children
  • I love wakeboarding
  • I love snow skiing
  • I love reading
  • I love ping-pong (if I don’t call it table tennis it doesn’t mean I suck)
  • I love start-up companies
  • I love open source
  • I love real-time communication

A Brief Timeline of my Early Technical History

1988 – I am 6 years old and my mother gets a home computer from her employer (JCPenney). I am hooked. I play Pitfall and mess around with DOS.

1992 – My family gets a new Compaq 386 computer with Windows 3.0. I am blown away. I am introduced to QBasic by a neighbor and start programming for the first time. I am shocked I can make this awesome machine do things by simply giving it commands.

1995 – My family gets another computer upgrade, a Packard Bell bundled Windows 95. We get access to the internet via modem. Webcrawler is my search engine of choice.

1996 – I create my first GeoCities account and start learning HTML. I am enthralled with the Internet.

1998 – In 9th grade a friend and I post a website for our school where students can print hall passes and view curriculums from classes. Teachers are upset, but no disciplinary action taken.

2000 – Two friends and I enter an educational website competition and we each win $100. We build the site with PHP. I still haven’t grasped that web development will be my future career. I spend hours trying to do my first Red Hat linux installation.

2001 – A friend and I break into the school network. We don’t change any grades, but we do have a little fun (transferring students we didn’t like to ridiculous classes). We get busted and suspended for 5 days.

2004 – I start college at Utah Valley University and play on the lacrosse team. I have a job at Kinkos and I take my first class on linux and start c++ classes.

2005 – I quit Kinkos and start work for Avinti building a web-based dashboard for viewing email anti-virus data (PHP). It is my first time getting paid for programming and I love it!

2006 – I land my first independent software contract for a web-based sales tracking software. The company uses it for 3 years and I sell all the rights to the software. I realize that my passion lies in web-based software, especially software-as-a-service.