Speed Up Your WordPress Development Cycle With Git

If you have developed WordPress sites for clients this process might sound familiar to you:

  • Get a new client that wants a wordpress site
  • Download the most recent wordpress
  • Find a good current blank wordpress theme to start implementing the design
  • Upload to a staging server to for client to see
  • Client requests changes
  • You make changes on local server, then upload to staging server
  • Repeat last three steps until finished and then you deploy the site to live

After lots of trial and error, I have come up with a process that is more efficient, and allows rapid development of wordpress sites. I use Git, Git Submodules, and WordPress child themes to get going quicker and keep code up to date with minimal effort. (If your not using a revision control system like Git or SVN for development, then check out this funny question and answer session on Stack Overflow Update: Stack Overflow moderators removed the question… bummer. Check out the funny-ness in the wayback machine internet archiver instead)

Zend Studio and Git(Hub)

I have been using Zend Studio as my IDE for years, and for version control I have always used SVN. Zend Studio Eclipse plays very nicely with SVN out of the box, but lately it seems Git has gained a lot of momentum so I thought I would look into it. It turns out Git is awesome and is much better suited for many of the things I do. (See: [Why Git?][1])

But will Git play nicely with Zend Studio 8?

Thanks to eclipse plugins, you bet it will!