Sublime Text 2 for PHP & WordPress Development

Sublime Text 2 is an amazing code editor that I started using on the recommendation of a friend. I fell in love and haven’t looked back. Here are some recomendations for setting up Sublime Text 2 for PHP and WordPress development.

Wildcard Sub-Domains on OSX, Web Development on Localhost

Today’s post will be on setting up wildcard subdomains in OSX. This allows you to map folders in your web root to sub-domains on your local box. Why would you want to do this? It is nice to be able to type use for the URL and have it map to the ‘myproject’ folder on your local box. No need to add a line to the etc/hosts file, and no need to add a virtual host in apache for each sub-domain. The method I will be outlining here will allow you to map to any folder ‘x’ using Bind and a wildcard virtual host in apache. This tutorial assumes you already have Apache setup on your local box.