Modular AngularJS App Design

angular module

I am a sucker for modules. Something about bundling a set of functionality and display logic into a module that can be easily redistributed for many apps makes my skin tingle. So when I saw that “modules” were a big part of the AngularJS methodology, I was super excited to try it out. I quickly realized however, that most of the examples online used one module for the entire application, which didn’t seem all that modular to me.

AngularJS WebSocket Service Example


At my curent company we are using Angular.js for a new desktop application (yes, a desktop application, but I won’t get into that). Our app gets its data and events from a web service via a WebSocket connection. Angular comes bundled with some great tools to connect to REST servers, but it doesn’t come with anything to help you with real-time data (and it probably shouldn’t).

Here is an example of an Angular service (factory) that uses WebSockets to get data: